Jacqui Miyabayashi

Create your One of a Kind Life.

Get help with your small business marketing.

I'm behind so many of your favourite success stories.


Mums. Women. Expats. You.

Women come to me frustrated and confused about the steps needed to grow their fledgeling business into a successful business.

I'm the go-to-gal for women in Japan who need help with business growth through marketing. I also help others outside of Japan when we have a timezone fit.

Most of what I teach and help with is online marketing for the solo-business owner because let's face it - online marketing is so overwhelming. There will always be a place for old-school offline activities as well. You'll love these, so easy! 


⚘ What is a successful business?

Every woman has a different definition of success but for most it revolves around having enough money for some of the fun things in life, not having to work too hard, not having to sacrifice family time. 


⚘ Here's how I help:

  • Get started with a marketing plan.
  • What actions will help you grow and make money?
  • How should you manage your (limited) time?

"Nothing is too difficult or impossible."

— Amanda O'Brien, Jima-Design


Use your talents. Grow. Live your dreams.


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