Create your One of a Kind Life.

Expat women, you can have the fabulous, fulfilling life you desire.
Turn your idea into a business plan.
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Women. Expats. You.

Women come to me frustrated and confused about the steps needed to start a business or to grow a small business. We soon sort that out. 

I'm the go-to-gal for women in Japan who need help with business planning and marketing strategy.

Mostly I'm known for helping you work out which digital solutions you truly need and which you don't (you DO NOT need to be everywhere online.)

I'm also an old-school marketer who will encourage you to use good old-fashioned techniques to your advantage. Especially if you are a local business you might do well "off-line" methods like word of mouth referrals. 

I've been living in Japan for over twenty years, almost seventeen of those as a work-from-home-mum. I have created my own One of a Kind Life and I want to help you do the same. Whatever stage you're at whether it's an idea or further along I can point you in the right direction.

(I also help others outside of Japan when we have a timezone fit.)






Create Your One of a Kind Life


Regularly cited as being one of the best Facebook Groups

If you're a women in business, maybe an expat, you probably feel pretty isolated at times? It's hard to keep up the momentum by yourself all the time. With weekly thought-provoking posts the One of a Kind Women Facebook group is inspiring and motivating to its members.

We're an intimate group, currently less than 100 wonderful women, which means your voice will be heard, your opinion matters and we care about your success. 

What sort of stuff do we talk about?

As an example of the types of posts and questions you might see, we've recently been discussing trends which have a marketing implication. For instance, the rise in pet ownership is one result of increasing urban-driven loneliness. People are buying pets for company and spending big bucks on keeping them happy and healthy. We talked about the opportunities that might be uncovered here for your small business: Bags for pet owners. Pet photography. Dog walking services. 

Join us so we can help you come up with cool trend-driven ideas for your business.