It all started when...

Women started coming to me for advice about running a small business. I was always happy to help but it wasn't until I worked with a business mentor myself that I realised I wanted to do more to help the women who were already trusting me for help.

With a degree in marketing, a successful children's bag business and a whole lot of empathy for working women, work at home mums and women who aspire to do more, I offer my consulting services.


Launch a new business.

Get help marketing your existing business.

I'm Jacqui Miyabayashi, a New Zealander, long-term resident of Osaka. My two children are eleven and sixteen. While they are at school I work helping women set up new businesses and with their marketing of existing businesses.

You might also find me sewing, gardening, swimming in a Master's team and watching Netflix. I encourage you to set up your business in a flexible way like I have mine. I'd love to help you. 



I offer two ways to work together:

Let's Launch (Done for You Business Launch Package) includes:

  • A full timetable with dates and deliverables. We have 30 days to get this done!
  • Unlimited email support for 30 days. It will be a collaborative back n' forth effort, making quick-fire decisions. 
  • A full 'implementation day' dedicated to you and your project.
  • We stay in touch throughout the day via Skype, Zoom, Email. We get your basic site / newsletter / Facebook group / or whatever you need to declare yourself in business - in one day! You pick the day.
  • A check-in one month after Launch Day. To discuss: How is the business going? Do you need extra support? Any technical glitches?

One of a Kind League (Group Mentoring Package to Grow Your Business) includes:

  • A full timetable with private coaching sessions.
  • Unlimited support from myself and the other Leaguers through a private online forum.
  • A full curriculum to work through at your own pace, hosted online and in your own virtual notebook to access forever.
  • Address all of the strategic areas of your business include the least favourite - costing, pricing and keeping track of your finances!
  • It all starts with a detailed look at your unique business and the person leading it (you). What makes you stand out? 

Take the first step now: