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Essential Oils with Heather Minowa

Get off the Emotional Rollercoaster with help from Essential Oils

Who feels like they are tossed about like a ship in a storm sometimes when running your own business?

  • Would you be interested in learning how to deal with feeling overwhelmed by your work?
  • How about being more productive and feeling energised throughout the day and over the whole month?
  • Do you have a way to bounce back after setbacks?
  • Could your confidence do with a boost before difficult meetings or presentations?
  • Are you curious about staying hormonally balanced over the month so it doesn't affect your work?

I don't want to generalise too much but I think it's a scientific fact that women are susceptible to emotional ups and downs. Our hormones might also be responsible for making us feel worse when things go wrong at work. 

When I heard about essential oils I was sceptical but I kept seeing the name DoTerra pop up so when my friend and colleague Heather Minowa introduced it to me I was more than curious.  

I'm just starting to explore the use of essential oils myself but I have a lot of questions so I have invited Heather to answer the ones related specifically to being a woman in business:

Essential Oils for Female Entrepreneurs 101

This will be an online webinar, connecting Heather to us from her studio in Utsunomiya. 


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