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Stretch with Lindsey Sawada

Stretch with Lindsey Sawada

Long hours hunched over your laptop, rushing from here to there trying to do everything for your family. Sometimes it feels like there isn't time to really take care of YOU. 


They say that sitting is the new smoking and I know I spend more time than I would like sitting. Sitting at my desk, sitting on the couch and sitting in the car. If I do use public transport I am the first to rush on to get a seat. When did sitting become the new normal for me?

Lindsey has recently opened Setagaya Yoga Studio where she teaches children and mama classes. She's also a member of my free Facebook group for entrepreneurial women (One of a Kind Women). Lindsey and I got to chatting about the entrepreneur's dilemma - so much work is done on a computer and requires sitting. But sitting is making us achy and stiff and ultimately less productive.

Even if you don't sit a lot, do you find that you carry your stress in your shoulders? Your lower back isn't as strong as it used to be? Whatever your situation you deserve to take an hour out of your week to relax and be truly present in the moment. 

In this INTERACTIVE webinar, Lindsey will take us through a short demonstration of some stretches that will help combat the effects of a tired body after a long day at the desk. You'll be able to follow along from the comfort of your own home and can even join us with your camera on if you would like feedback on your technique. The camera is optional, but you will still be able to see and hear Lindsey talking without having to turn on your camera.


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