Ginkgo Alliance Mastermind

Introducing Ginkgo Alliance, a mastermind for English-speaking small business owners in the Kansai area.

Founded in 2015 by Marketing Strategist, Jacqui Miyabayashi, this is a mastermind with a difference. Not merely a networking event, in this mastermind we share ideas, brainstorm strategies and learn how to implement them together. Accountability to the group is a key component. Success is our common goal.

Small business owners and freelancers who are frustrated by the lack of support in our Kansai community, who are seeking companionship and friendly motivation from entrepreneurs at a similar level of experience are invited to join us.

We open to new members in April only! Open Event, no membership required.


We've carefully selected a few delightful restaurants around Osaka in which we will meet for lunch or dinner at regular intervals over the next year. Workshops or seminars are also an option. We're mindful of everyone's schedules and as a rule we do not meet in August. 

Ginkgo Alliance promises to be the event on your calendar that you really look forward to. Your alliance partners will become close friends. Your business will grow in leaps and bounds.

Our next dinner will be on April 22nd.

Come along to see if Ginkgo Alliance Mastermind is right for you. 

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Ginkgo Alliance, Osaka Mastermind: We're looking for a few good people.

  • you are a passionate entrepreneur, freelancer or small business owner in the Kansai area

  • your business is established with a reasonable track record, a few client success stories and is on the up and up

  • you're not killing it yet but you want to in 2017

  • being in the spotlight is challenging for you, but you are open to advice

  • you are willing to support every member equally and to the best of your abilities

  • you're willing to put your competitive urges aside

  • you want to have someone to say "I've got your back" to

  • you believe that the rising tide lifts all ships

  • you've been waiting for a true mastermind alliance where the power of collaboration takes on a life of its own

  • you love coffee, wine, eating and laughing while sharing your wisdom


Ginkgo Alliance is being shared with a select group of highly motivated and successful entrepreneurs, freelancers and small business owners in Japan.

As a regular member you will have a voice in deciding on the dates and locations of the meet-ups over the year. You'll be given exclusive access to the leadership team.  We expect all members to help each other wherever possible to raise the bar for every individual in the group over the course of the year. 

They say it's lonely at the top. This is one of the few groups where there is no competition, we value community and we are all striving for the same thing: success in our small or solo-run businesses. 

*Membership to Ginkgo Alliance is ¥10,000 per year. Each member pays for her own meals, accommodation, etc at individual events. There are several fun membership perks to be revealed. You do not need to be a member to attend the Spring Dinner in April. Pay only for your meal. Reserve your seat here at Eventbrite.


Member Voice
I love working with Jacqui. Nothing is too difficult or impossible. She has a knack for finding solutions to problems I sometimes don’t even realise are damaging my business. She is also able to shine a light on paths that I haven’t considered taking. Her own knowledge of running a business as an expat is invaluable as is her gentle and calming attitude to guiding her clients through new stages in their business. She is a doer. She motivates me. She keeps me on my best path. I chose to work with Jacqui because although ‘I' know what we do at Jima Design is great, the world doesn’t - yet. Jacqui has the experience, the knowledge, the finesse and even the intuition to sense the strategies that are right for her clients.

Amanda O'Brien, Jima Design