Five Simple Steps


Take your Business to the Next Level

Ready to take the next step? It's easier than you think! Get to the next level quickly with Let's Launch.

  • Together we will design a beautiful website*. 
  • Then we will craft a fantastic marketing plan to help you spread the word about your business.
  • Get first clients, customers, projects as soon as possible after launch.
  • Let's Launch is designed to be completed within thirty days. That's right, you'll be at a whole new level in only a month!

Step 01. 

The first step is easy - book an initial consultation. 


Step 02. 

The second step is to reserve your 'Let's Launch' month.

(Taking bookings for June, July)


Let's Launch includes:

  • A full timetable with dates and deliverables. We have 30 days to get this done!
  • Unlimited email support for 30 days. It will be a collaborative back n' forth effort, making quick-fire decisions. 
  • A full 'implementation day' dedicated to you and your project.
  • We stay in touch throughout the day via Skype, Zoom, Email. We get your basic site / newsletter / Facebook group / or whatever you need to declare yourself in business - in one day! You pick the day.
  • A check-in one month after Launch Day. To discuss: How is the business going? Do you need extra support? Any technical glitches?

The key point to remember is that we launch quickly, to test your idea, then we map out the marketing strategy for the first six to twelve months.
The strategy is what you're trusting me to develop and what will separate you from others offering a similar thing.


*Do you need a more complex website?

The prices I charge are for business consulting, marketing strategy and basic web design only. If you need a more complex website or other software to run your business I will work with you to find a service-provider who can do this work for you, billed separately.

Other tools
Ask me for recommendations for scheduling software, accepting payments, book-keeping, e-commerce shopping carts, billed separately.

Do you already have website?

If you're happy with your site or it needs only small tweaks we can revise the price (down). Let's get together to see where you're at.


The first step

Book a session to talk over your ideas.