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You're decisive, supremely-organised and focused when it comes to your work (whatever your work involves, whether it's making something, designing, selling things). But it's highly probable that you've been trying to build your business by working harder. 

Your business has grown in fits and spurts through sheer grit, luck or the support of kind friends and family.

You provide amazing results for your clients and customers, dotting every i and crossing every t. Each and every project is completed on time and exceeds expectations. People rave about what you do and yet ...

Perhaps you feel like you're just pretending to be in business, that it's not quite real. Maybe you also have another job, your business is just your part-time gig. You might not be making enough money.

The ugly truth is that it is hard work and you're exhausted.

You desperately want it to be more.

Your business is so much more than a way to make a dollar. It's an extension of you and an expression of your true beliefs. It's what gives your life meaning and purpose, outside of your family. It's where you can make an impact on the world. It's where you feel fulfilled.


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One of a Kind League is unlike any business training program you've taken before or even heard about. 


One of a Kind League is a mentoring program that is customised just for you



  • Wake up each day knowing your priorities.


  • Get feedback and advice at every step.


  • Work strategically to a long-term plan.

{this is an incredible level of personal support}


Dates: Registration is OPEN

Start 2018 with clarity and confidence. The program starts officially January 22nd


Meet Amanda O'Brien

One of a Kind Leaguer, '17

I love working with Jacqui. Nothing is too difficult or impossible. She has a knack for finding solutions to problems I sometimes don’t even realise are damaging my business. She is also able to shine a light on paths that I haven’t considered taking. Her own knowledge of running a business as an expat is invaluable as is her gentle and calming attitude to guiding her clients through new stages in their business. She is a doer. She motivates me. She keeps me on my best path. I chose to work with Jacqui because although ‘I’ know what we do at Jima Design is great, the world doesn’t - yet. Jacqui has the experience, the knowledge, the finesse and even the intuition to sense the strategies that are right for her clients.
— Amanda O'Brien, Jima Design, Architect in Osaka

Meet Patricia Noel

One of a Kind Leaguer '17

When I had my shop finally running online, I knew it wasn’t it and that I had still plenty of essential work to do to make it known and attract the right kind of customer. But how to do it?

Where to start? I was lost and completely in the dark about it all!

Jacqui’s name had been on my mind for a while and contacting her was certainly the best move I could take for my online shop! Thanks to Jacqui’s guidance, I now have a clear vision of what to do, I am equipped with tools for the long term to make my shop grow.

I feel more confident and empowered! “Marketing” was a scary word to me as this world is very foreign to me. I had checked many other sources, read many sites online...

But all their advice and plans seemed out of my reach, so technical, so demanding, when I was already overwhelmed with my regular job, the kids, the dog, the house, my husband...

My hands were already so full! I do not mean that working with Jacqui is effortless. No! She makes you work! But because she has been in my shoes, she knew how to make the work all within the reach of my life’s framework. That is something I feel so grateful about! This way, week after week, I could keep up with the pace of the program and never felt that I wanted out because it was too much. On the contrary, she so nicely and smoothly opened my eyes onto a whole new world that I now have a better grasp of and that is a fundamental part of what it is to have a business. And to top it all, her very endearing personality made it even a bigger pleasure to work with her! I hope that, with the years, I will go far with my online shop and Jacqui is my person to go to in this journey! I am very much looking forward to the next opportunity to work with her! Thank you, Jacqui! It’s been a blast!

— Patricia Noel, Tabitabiya
I am a business coach and marketing strategist located in Osaka, Japan. Women come to me overwhelmed and frustrated by all they have to do to build up a successful business. I'll help you find your focus and work only in your zone of genius. 
Join Jacqui for 12 weeks of fun! Building your business should be exciting, easy and filled with laughter! 

Join Jacqui for 12 weeks of fun!
Building your business should be exciting, easy and filled with laughter!