One of a Kind Starter's Club

Don't be a lonely pineapple! You've had an idea for a business FOREVER but you need help, advice, accountability and a push to get it out of your head, onto paper and finally out into the world. 

Your checklist isn't going to get shorter ... unless you have someone to help with all of the decisions.

This intimate group program called One of a Kind Starter's Club is for wonderful women who want to work bootcamp-style on launching a new business idea. We kick some butt in Starter's Club!

Your new business will be launched with my help in just 8 weeks! Seriously if you've had an idea for ages but never been sure how to go about it then why not join us? 

Do you need a website? I've got you covered.
Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook? I have a quiz that will reveal the answer.

Any questions? Hit me up, you will have my complete attention and support for two whole months.


Weekly Live Call Check-in

Every Monday (or Friday) we meet online for a group Q&A session and to receive your weekly mission.

These sessions will be led by Jacqui. You will have an opportunity to speak directly to Jacqui to clarify the upcoming mission or ask questions about the previous tasks. 

You're never alone in any of this. 

Daily Accountability and Support

Every day you can check in with the group, ask questions, get advice in our private off-Facebook platform. Why isn't this a private Facebook group? Facebook is DISTRACTING and you need to focus. 

Get constant support and accountability from others who are going through the same thing as you. And you can tag Jacqui to ask questions. 


Wow! This is incredible.

By the end of eight weeks you will have a working business model that shows you exactly who your customers are, what you are selling (that people want to buy) and how your business makes money.

You will have planned your marketing campaigns and you will be working on building fulfilling relationships with customers who love everything about what you do.

This framework will tell you exactly what you need to work on each day, week or month for the rest of the year in business.

We keep it simple and manageable for the solo-business owner like you, who might have another job on the side, kids or a busy family life - we all do right? 


Here's a video in which I chat to the members of our Private Facebook group about the upcoming courses. Join the group yourself! Click here to apply.


The One of a Kind Starter's Club

An intimate program with unparalleled support directly from Jacqui is running from November 1st to December 24th.

Weekly calls will last 60-90 minutes. Attendance is not mandatory but it's hugely beneficial. Depending on demand I will schedule some calls outside of business hours if you can't make the main call. Recordings will be available.

This program is only open to women who are prepared to dedicate this period to launching a new business or getting a new-ish idea better established in the market. It's perfect if you have been in business a year or less.

Most of the women in the Starter's Club work alone; the assumption is that you will do the tasks yourself in these early days. Knowing how things are done in your business will make it easier to outsource later -trust me.

Be prepared to work boot-camp style about an hour each day or as much as you can manage - at least four hours per week outside of the live group calls. 

If you don't have a business yet, but you want to dip your toes in the water to see if you're cut out for the entrepreneurial life then please join us! You'll be inspired by the ideas you see and hear from the group.

Above all, you need an open mind and a can-do attitude. 



I'm Jacqui, a long-term resident of Osaka, originally from New Zealand. I've been working in the online space for almost 14 years, first as a blogger, then as an e-commerce shop owner and more recently as a business and marketing consultant for women.


Most people are completely overwhelmed by all there is to do to make a business a success. I help you find your focus and devote your energies to the things that matter. I have a knack for seeing the best in everyone and turning that into a business advantage. I would love to hear about your ideas. 


Who the program is not for

One of a Kind Starter's Club is not suitable for you if you have an established business and you want to scale, grow or expand. Check my other programs if you need help in this area. 

Please check your time-zone before registering. My business hours are on Japan Standard Time so all group calls and email replies will be conducted then. 

If the fee of is going to send you into debt leaving you unable to pay your other bills or feed your kids then please think twice, perhaps my free Facebook group is better for you right now. Click here to join.

This isn't one-on-one coaching but I do try to address individual needs as much as I can during our monthly group calls or via our chat platform. We subscribe to a couple of philosophies: The Rising Tide Lifts all Boats; Community over Competition. So we expect everyone to be supportive and having a sharing, caring attitude towards all members. 


Small Print

Due to the nature of the coaching this program is non-refundable after the start date. 

You are responsible for checking the times of the group calls and participating in any coaching events to get the most out of the program.

I make no guarantees that you will launch a successful business during the period of coaching but I promise to deliver the latest and tested techniques for proving the merits of a business idea. This bootcamp is not designed to give you a formal business plan which you might submit to investors. It is designed to help you analyse your idea and answer the questions that set you up for success.

You may decide to invest in other goods, services or software such as a website or an email scheduler - these costs and service arrangements are not included in this package but I am happy to give you my recommendations should you need them.