Small But Mighty Business is about supporting our community of small and independent business owners this holiday season. 

Show your support by using our hashtag when you buy from us, share your own work or talk about your fellow small but mighty business buddies. 


Click to open and save. Right click. Or Command S on a Mac. To save as a PNG file to share. 

Click to open and save. Right click. Or Command S on a Mac. To save as a PNG file to share. 

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Fill out the following form with a few details about your business and within 24 hours we will send you fully customised posters, social media posts and imagery with your business name and info printed right onto the pages. They'll be ready to share out to generate interest in your Small But Mighty Business this holiday season.

We'll be sharing our partner businesses on our community pages as well, to drive more traffic, send more visitors to your business website or pages. 

The first step to getting more sales is getting traffic and raising awareness about your fabulous business. It's hard (and can be expensive) to do it alone so join our community to get more help FREE this holiday season.

Together we can conquer.
Let's make mountains out of molehills.
Small but mighty.


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Throughout the month of November members of the One of a Kind Women Facebook group will be getting extra support, tips and ideas about how to maximise the Small But Mighty Business philosophy, join us! (small business women only please).

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