Are you a foreign wife, an expat or a trailing spouse?


Do you live overseas or travel a lot in support of a spouse or partner?

The business you dream of is heavily influenced by the global life you lead. 

Your life is complex. You're often on the move and always on the go.

Your business needs to be simple and easy to manage.


What makes your business amazing?

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"Women come to me when they are frustrated and overwhelmed starting or growing a business. I help you sort out the racing thoughts and focus on one thing at a time. The next step is easier than you think" Get in touch.


Your business will explode before your eyes

When we work together you'll be amazed how quickly your business explodes before your eyes.

Having a business and marketing plan that you can stick to. 

Knowing what to focus on each day

You won't believe the peace of mind that comes from that.



I speak your language

One of the few English-speaking, female business and marketing consultants in Osaka, I work with individuals and small businesses to help sort out the complexities of doing business in a foreign country, in particular, Japan. 

I'll help you find your zone of genius and sort through the clutter that is stressing you out. 




Frequently asked Questions:

  • Do I have to be in Japan to work with you?
  • No. Our meetings can be held online as long as we have a good time-zone fit. In person meetings are fun too if we can manage them. 
  • Do I need a business already to start with you?
  • Not at all. A good idea is all we need to start.
  • Can you help me with tax or visa/immigration questions?
  • Unfortunately I cannot. I am happy to refer you to some trusted sources for help but I cannot advise you on these matters.