So excited you're here!

So excited you're here!



Thank you so much for registering for the One of a Kind League. I am absolutely thrilled to be working alongside you in your business. You've taken the leap and committed to going for it and I appreciate the trust you are placing in me. I promise to do all I can to make this a great experience for you. I look forward to hearing all about your One of a Kind Business!

Next Steps

1. Confirm your appointment with Jacqui

2. Set up an Evernote account (more info below).


1. Confirm your appointment:

Check your email for one from Jacqui Miyabayashi: One of a Kind League, <> to redeem your appointment coupon if you have not already scheduled your Introductory Chat with Jacqui.

Can't find it? Just message me and I will send you a link. We'll meet online to discuss your hopes and expectations for the course and your goals for your business.

Other Appointments:

Your coaching plan includes free access to all of the group calls, a mid-way check-up call and emergency SOS calls

Here's the link to the Group Coaching Calls, you can book them in now so that you won't forget. 

Got an emergency and need to chat? Use this link to put out an SOS call to me.



2. Organising: Your personal notebook

In order to keep your notes clear and easy to access we will operate in the amazing software program called Evernote. Don't have an Evernote account? Use this link to register: Refer a Friend to Evernote

If you already have an account send me a note and let me know the email address you're registered with. 

Evernote is a fantastic tool for organising your personal life too and you can use this account for your personal stuff as well. Your privacy is assured - only shared notebooks or notes can be viewed by others. 


Your Evernote Notebooks

  1. We will use your Evernote notebooks to store your actions plans,
  2. to communicate with Jacqui,
  3. to systematise and streamline your business