It doesn't have to be overwhelming

Starting a new business is exciting. There's a lot to think about and it can feel overwhelming. Most women who come to me for help tell me they simply don't know where to start. 

The first step is easy - we get together, over skype or in-person for a coffee or lunch, so you can tell me about your idea. 

As a business and marketing consultant I can advise you on a strategy for launching your business and beyond.

Save time and start right, by calling in an expert business & marketing consultant with over a decade of small business experience in Japan.


Before, During and After our meeting

Before we meet and during our first meeting we'll talk over your ideas and sketch out a rough plan with a timeline.

I'll get you a rough estimate of the costs for my services and those that we would need to outsource. 

I do not advise on financial, legal or visa issues but I can give you some contacts. 

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Estimated Costs

It's difficult to give an accurate price for this type of customised project. Generally speaking the minimum fee to get started is ¥200,000.

Depending on what you need, our work together could include designing a business plan; a launch strategy or an ongoing marketing plan. For a larger project, there may be several billable phases. 

These fees and a timeline will be included in your proposal.

Do you need a website?

The prices I charge are for business consulting and strategy design only. If you need a website or other software to run your business I will work with you to find a service-provider who can do this work for you or I can help you begin with a beautiful starter site like mine, hosted on Squarespace. 

Other tools

Ask me for recommendations for scheduling software, accepting payments, book-keeping, e-commerce shopping carts.